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5 Signs Someone is Toxic

It is hard to cut people out of your life. I mean I have people that I thought were the greatest friends but I learned the hard way that they sadly were toxic to my life. Cutting them out was tough, but was better for me in the long way. But have you ever thought what makes a person toxic? Sitting down with another friend the other day we made a list of what we thought made someone toxic. Always talking bad about others No matter the person they always have something bad to say about  ...

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Easy Sloppy Joe Cups #Recipe

I find myself getting bored with our usual recipes. I mean you can only eat chicken so many ways before your just BLAH. So I decided to venture out and make something new. Funny thing is I have NEVER made Sloppy Joes for my boys even though I enjoyed them growing up. So I figured I would make  ...

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Make Your Own Natural Chest Rub

The weather is changing and the germs are coming! My hubby has been sick more times then I would like to admit and I really don’t like pumping various chemicals into his body. So this time I wanted to try making my own Natural Chest Rub to help with the coughing and phlegm build up. Make  ...

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