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Caution, Big Girl Running!

2 years ago I decided to start running. I shocked myself when I strapped up and took off for my first run. But slowly after each day that passed I learned I loved the time I spent out. I mean there were no kids calling me, dishes that needs to be washed it was just me and the road.

Sadly after my first 5K I took a “break” and never returned. Well, until yesterday of course!

Caution, Big Girl Running

I decided enough was enough. Running was something I loved and the excuses I had been making were not going to cut it anymore. I laced up my shoes, downloaded some music and turned on the Couch to 5K App and see out.

It was just me and the my running shoes!

There is nothing better then feeling the wind in your face with each stride. Sure I am not very fast, but I am persistent and never give up.

I use to run with my head down as I was ashamed, being a big girl and running was not something people wanted to see, or so I thought. But last night for the first time I ran with my head up and met every stare that glanced my way. You see, last night was different…..I felt powerful, confident and in charge.

My head was clear, with each stride I took towards my goal everything else seemed a little lighter. For once in a long time my mind was at ease. I did not care what I looked like as I was running and that is all that mattered.

After my run I decided to stop in at the grocery store and I don’t know if the run helped, but I grabbed things to make smoothies, some vegetables for dinner today and left the pop on the shelf.

I decided I am worth it!

Now the fun part, picking my next 5K.