Celerbrate Earth Day with DK Canada

Celerbrate Earth Day with DK Canada

Did you know that on April 22nd people from all over will celebrate Earth Day? While we truly celebrate everyday in our house we use this special one to educate others around us. Curious how you can take part? Organize a special clean up your park day, plant trees or simply talk about the planet Earth and why we need to protect I now. Simple things that will make a huge impact!

Books are an awesome tool to take the learning to another step. DK Canada offers a wide selection of Earth-Themed that not only help educate but are also filled with fun activities. Now my boys and I can celebrate in style and you can too. Check out our favourites below.


Woodland and Forest

Geared to kids aged 6-8 this book is perfect to answer a lot of the why questions when it comes to forests. How do forests form? What kind of animals live in forests? Each page is packed with fun facts and activities and answers to the above questions. Watch as their appreciation and curiosity grows for nature as you turn each page.

With amazing facts about fun topics like bark and buds, Woodland and Forest lets kids have fun and be innovative as they learn through simple activities like paper making and leave identification. It includes information on cold coniferous forests, dry deciduous woodland, and tropical rain forests, so kids can search the greenery wherever they are.

Forest Life

I loved books that offer a lesson then follow with a simple craft of activity. Forest Life is packed with fun activities, crafts, reading games, and amazing facts! Kids can meet all the cuddly creatures and amazing sights found in the woods-from bunnies to bears to bugs-in this educational project book. Perfect for in the classroom, at home or even a daycare!

Created especially for kids ages 3-5, DK’s Practical Facts series blends gentle educational content with simple practical activities such as crafts, cooking, and counting, providing young readers with a broad reading experience in which they learn by doing. The simple activities reinforce the fun facts and aid in the development of literacy, numeracy, memory, and dexterity. Keep kids entertained as they learn with DK’s Practical Facts series.

Bugs, Bees, and other Buzzy Creatures

Anything that buzzes and flies is a favourite in our house throw in some fun activities and you are golden. This book is filled with fun facts and activities that will keep kids of all ages engaged. I loved the clear text and simple step-by-step instructions that are offered. Filled with bees, bugs, worms, and more, this book is the perfect spring and summertime companion for children.

Amazing Bees

My guys are scared of bees. I tell them we need them and how important they are it often seems to be forgotten when one is flying around their head. This book helps young ones learn how vital bees are to our everyday living and why we should do more to protect the.

Perfect for 5-7 year olds beginning to read fluently with support. Level 2 titles contain carefully selected photographic images to complement the text, providing strong visual clues to build vocabulary and confidence. Additional information spreads are full of extra fun facts, developing the topics through a range of nonfiction presentation styles such as diagrams, and activities.

Each and every books not only encourages and supports their growing minds and many questions but also helps them learn in a fun way. Let your kids explore the beautiful world around them with DK’s Earth-themed books.

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    April 21, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    I love books and these all look amazing and I’m sure they’d fascinate my grandchildren. Amazing Bees would be a good way for them to learn about how important bees are in our life too.

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