The Grossery Gang

I am sure you remember the huge Shopkinz craze a couple months back. I wont like I was secretly jumping for joy that my guys weren’t interested. Then my youngest found these little collectable toys called The Grossery Gang. Yup, that little jump for joy I was doing came and bit me in the butt.

The Grossery Gang is a collectable series of figurines and products. Here is the kicker, they are far from cute! These fun toys are all based on groceries gone bad. Yup, you read that right, these toys are rotten food. Once I realized exactly what they were I totally understood why my youngest loved them. They were gross and well he likes gross lol.

The Grossery Gang – Your Shopping Gone Rotten!

The Grossery Gang

We were sent products from Series 2 which is now available. My guy was super stoked to see these new packages sitting in my blogging area and wanted to tear right into them. He just loves that they have a mystery toy in the packaging which just adds to his excitement. It was fun making him wait and guess what he thought would be the special one.

Watching my guy open the various packages and getting excited made me smile. Each and every time he opened a new package the squeals and shouts made it seem like it was Christmas morning.

The collectible pieces are ranked as to whether they are common all the way up to ultra rare. While my son knew about these he still didn’t get the ranking system. Which is fine by me because he thought ht won the lottery which each new one he added to his collection.

I once looked at these toys as a pain. I mean they were tiny and there were so many to collect. But once I seen the excitement he got it made it worth it. But the magical moment was when I realized these could also be used for some educational fun. Comparing how many common pieces they have compared to rare etc can encourage a lot of conversation. Grouping them in different food groups, colour etc will help develop math and conversational skills that will carry over in other areas of his learning.

Lots of different sets to pick from.

The Grossery Gang offers a variety of sets to choose from. Smaller sets that come with two figurines or others that have 10 or more. I also love that there are  play sets are available. This means they at perfect for any budget. We were sent a 10 pack, Icky Pops and a Yuck Pack!

When my guy opened up the packages it was like Christmas morning. He started naming off various figures and telling me just how cool they were. Then he started talking about how special certain ones were and he was going to hide them from his brother.

Grossery Gang not only are fun to collect but also fun to play with. Watching as my littlest one using his imagination and how creative he was truly warmed my heart. While these toys may be gross they are a favourite in our house!

Do you have a Grossery Gang fan in your house?

  1. nicky

    April 19, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    I hadn’t heard of the Grossery Gang before, but I bet my little one will love these toys in a year or so!

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