Entertain, Inspire, Educate with Author Tina Powell

Reading is something we do often. I love losing myself in a book and allowing myself to be transported to far away places. With so many authors out there the possibilities are endless. Today I want to introduce you to Tina Powell.

Tina Powell is an award winner communicator, a nationally published journalist, and a bestselling author. Her amazing storytelling skills have used by big brands such as, Mars, Pampers and Dempster’s Bread to just name a few. Her writing abilities not only attract children but also draw in adults. Each book I have read has brought a fun, humours adventure for my littlest guy.

Her titles include:

Blending personal reflection with images, quotations, song lyrics, and classic picnic recipes — such as potato salad, pink lemonade, and chocolate brownies — Picnic in Pisticci chronicles the ten most memorable picnics in the author’s life. Rock Hudson, Mark Twain, and Yogi Bear are just some of the personalities featured in this warm and witty book steeped in nostalgia and thoughtful reflection.

Samantha is sick of eating the same, old, boring sandwiches for lunch. In this silly-icious book that encourages good nutrition, sharing, and self-reliance, Samantha takes matters into her own hands and the results are silly-icious! Perfect to help a child look at their eating habits without it being forceful. I loved that Samantha solved her own problems not relying on others to do so.

Fernando is the new boy at school. His new friends want him to join their fitness fun club, but Fernando would rather read comic books, play video games, and watch Frankenstein movies. What will become of Fernando? Find out, along with Fernando, how healthy living can be fun-tastic! Knowing that technology has been so domaniting in our lives we often forget about healthy eating and taking care of our self. This book is a great reminder!

Freddy loves to play baseball, but he does not like to practice. In this amusing story about being a good sport and having fun, Freddy discovers that when you try your best, everybody wins! This was my guys FAVOURITE book. Freddy was frustrated and down on himself when he realizes teamwork and practice are the key skills needed to do well.

Peter wants a pet, but Peter’s parents have a list – a list of reasons why they don’t want a pet in the house. In this hilarious story about pets, parents, and poo, Peter knows just what to do. This book made my guys laugh as there were many “poo” sentences. If you have kids you understand how this can be a word that often makes all laugh. I enjoyed the simple flow of rhyming words that kept the story enjoyable and very light.

In this heartwarming, interactive book, a new baby tells its older sibling all the things it can and cannot do, while posing questions to the older child. Makes a beautiful baby gift! This story was very easily relatable to real life. New baby’s can be stressful but this illustrated book offers a fun look at a sometimes scary situations to kids. A great gift to an older sibling that is soon expecting a new bundle.

Tine Powell’s style is very light and refreshing. I love her light approach to everyday issues, concerns or stages in life. Knowing there is a book out there that can help us address various topics makes this mama happy. As I have mentioned before when children don’t realize there is a lesson to be learned they are more likely to retain the info. This allows for a easy conversation. These fabulous books are a welcome addition to our library!

  1. heidi c.

    May 20, 2017 at 12:11 am

    This is the first time that I have read about this author. I will have to check out some of her books for my kids.

  2. kathy downey

    August 2, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Thanks for the introduction to this author,she sure has some nice titles!

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