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Tips for Bathing Your Bearded Dragon

When we first got our Bearded Dragon, Juggernaut I never thought he would ever need a bath. Then after much research I learned that they were a necessity to help keep them clean and hydrated. How often you bathe them is up to you. Some owners do it daily, while others do it 2-3 times a week. Check out some tips below to help make bath time safe and enjoyable for all involved.

Tips for Bathing Your Bearded Dragon

Tips for Bathing Your Bearded Dragon

Never Leave your dragon alone while in the bath.

Sure they may look like great swimmers but in an instant they could drown without any warning. Being alert and aware can make the difference between a safe dragon and a dead one.

Keep the water at a safe temperature

Did you know that dragons can not feel heat on their belly? This means that it is important to keep the water at a safe temperature. 100F is the perfect temperature too help your Dragon poop. I wouldn’t suggest it be any higher. WARNING if they do poop in the bath the water does need to be change right away. If the water cools just add some more water to warm it again.

Don’t Make it too Deep

The water for your dragons bath should not be over their shoulder pads. Any deeper and you run the risk of the dragon drowning.

Offer a Rest Spot

Being in a large container or bathtub can stress out your dragon. Offer a rock, towels or other object in the bath so they can feel safe. Plus if they get tired from swimming if offers a resting spot.

Let the Water Run

I never see my dragon drink unless it is in the bath. I was told that they prefer running water and when I let the tap run sure enough he started to drink. I was warned that drinking for 10-15 seconds straight is fine but anything over that becomes a health risk. When our guy drinks to much I just pick him up for a bit to give him a little break.

I love watching my guy take a bath. He swims and splashes and looks like he is truly enjoying himself. Taking the above steps not only helps keep my dragon safe but also healthy.

What is a car tip you have for bearded dragons?

  1. kathy downey

    July 31, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Thanks for the tips! We don’t have a bearded dragon but it was an educational post for me.

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