5 Tips to Help You Parent Like a Boss

Parenting is HARD! Come on, you know what I mean. Some days I look at my spawn children and think to myself what the hell did I do to deserve this sh$t. Hubby has found me on more than one occasion crying in the bathroom eating a snickers bar. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love them it just means I am human.

I often reflect on what works in our house and what doesn’t. Those little tips and tricks I have learned along the way that help me stay grounded and sane. I figured I would share with you some of my tips to help you parent like a boss.

5 Tips to Help You Parent Like a Boss

5 Tips to Help You Parent Like a Boss

Be a Good Listener

This may seem obvious, but I can promise we don’t always do it. Sometimes I am so busy doing laundry, washing dishes or packing lunches that I forget to stop, get down on their level and hear their words. All it takes sometimes is 5 minutes and you can hear so much.

Be Positive

It is so easy to tell kids what not to do nowadays that we forget the what to do. I try to be positive with my boys. I love letting them know what they could have done in a situation rather then what they shouldn’t have done. For example, if they are running in the house, they might hear, “When we are in the house it is a lot safer to walk”. Then I try to catch them walking and praise them. When they get good positive attention for something it is most likely going to happen again.

Set Clear Boundaries

My boys need to know what is expected from the start. If not it is all sorts of craziness where ever we go. Setting clear and concise boundaries not only helps them know what is expected but also helps you reinforce expectations. Rules need to be clear, consistent and easy to understand.


Each and every day is a new day. Forgive yourself and your children for any wrong doings, or mistakes that might have happened the day before. Allow yourself a clean slate. If you carry around resentment it will only cause you anguish that you don’t need. I always start my day with a simple mantra, I will do better.

Learn something new

I pride myself in the fact that I am always learning. I take courses at work all the time so I figure why not do the same for my parenting. Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate, it just changes. Instead of basic math and essays, I am now learning about positive discipline, how not to lose my crap and ways to encourage to kids to learn themselves. Being open to learning is not only beneficial to me but also my kids.

Parenting did not come with a manual. Some days are better than others and that’s ok. Knowing what works for you and your family is what matters. I hope that some or maybe all these tips might help you. But remember we are not perfect and that is ok. All that matters is that we try our best each and every day!

What is a tip that helps you parent like a boss?

  1. kathy downey

    September 25, 2017 at 10:49 am

    These certainly are great tips,thanks for sharing !

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