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8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Fishing runs in our blood. From a very young age our Papa has always brought us out with him. I would love to say that I became a avid fisherwomen but truth be told I did not. I love going, but it is just not something I live for like my brother. Being blessed with a brother who is able to pass on all he has learned from our Papa to my boys is truly priceless.

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

But if you have ever gone fishing with young kids it can be far from enjoyable. There is whining that there is no fish, there is whining that it is taking to long and of course telling them to be quiet or they will scare the fish can also cause whining.

Over the years we have learned some fun tips and tricks to help make fishing with kids a little more fun and enjoyable for all involved!

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Keep It Short

While you may be use to fishing for hours and just enjoy being out in the nature, young kids will not. Setting a time limit will help make it more enjoyable for all involved. The more you go with your kids you will find the time you spend each trip will increase and so will their attention spans.

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Set Clear Expectations and Rules

Going fishing is a lot of fun. But just like any other outing there are rules and expectations. Before you go talk to your kids about what it will be like and set CLEAR rules for safety. We talk about these a week before daily and then again on the way. Make it lighe, fun and enjoyable. We want to encourage not discourage.

Stay Away From “Kiddie Poles”

With our first we were excited when we found the kid poles. I mean they came in fun characters. Then we learned they were crap! They come with cheap lines, they tangled easily and were only good for a short time. We now invest in a youth pole as it can grow with my boys until they are ready for an adult pole.

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Be Prepared

This is the one tip I try to practise all the time. Kids are unpredictable and I know that not being prepared can wreck a whole trip. Making a list of things you need is always helpful. Things like bug spray, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, wipes etc are crucial for a successful trip with kids. We lay out the fishing gear before hand and discuss with the kids what they think they may need or want to bring. Most important thing? Bring a change of clothes as they always get messy!

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Let Them Practise

Both my boys were allowed to practise casting when ever they wanted. I wont like I really wanted to tell them to just leave their line in the water or the fish wont bite. But when you seen them smiling and laughing with each flick of the rod it truly reminded me why I was there. It may not be perfect but each time they do it they are not improving their skills but also learning that things take work.

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Bait or Lures

I have two boys and both of them like using different things on their lines. While my oldest doesn’t mind worms my youngest prefers lures. Talk with your kids before hand and see what they will prefer. I remember growing up using anything from corn, shrimp and even hot dogs when fishing with my Papa. Whatever you bring make sure your kids had a say to make it more fun and that they feel involved.

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Talk About Responsible Fishing

Here is Ontario like other places there are laws. You can only fish with a licence, keep certain fish that are in season and even then you can only can keep a certain number of fish. Teaching your kids about these rules now will help them grow up into responsible and respectful fishermen and women later on in life. Teach them about keeping their area clean and doing their part so others coming after them can enjoy it also.

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Have Fun

You might catch 10 fish and you might catch none but in the end the main goal was fun! Keep that in mind when your little one is crying, or you feel overwhelmed. While it may be fun to catch some fish the memories you are creating will be way more important!

8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

What are some tips for fishing with kids that you may have?

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  1. kathy downey

    July 11, 2017 at 9:16 am

    Thanks for the great tips,we fished with the kids all the time when they were young.Great memories!

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