The Trinity Bike from Everyday Bicycles

Living in a town that has no public transportation can be difficult. I personally do not have my licence, so unless hubby is home I need to find other modes to get around. Having to depend on someone else all the time can growing tiring for all involved. Talking with hubby we both were brainstorming about how I could get around more without having to ask someone all the time. He looked at me, smiled then asked me about a bike. I laughed a little, I mean I had not rode a bike in years and did not think I was going to start anytime soon, until I learned about Everyday Bicycle.

I was tickled pink to have the opportunity to work with Everyday Bicycles. They knew I had a need and had just the bike to help meet it.

Trinity Bike from Everyday Bicycles

The Trinity bike from Everyday Bicycles

Getting on my new Trinity Bike sent an exciting jolt through my body. Some may say it was nerves but I knew it was pure adrenaline. Once I started to peddle I felt like I had never stopped riding and could not wait to hit the streets.

The Trinity is the perfect bike for the women who wants to get to work and then stop in at the market on the way home. It is built with the idea that no trailer is needed for your extra items. With a fun basket on the front I was able to grab simple items and transport them home without a concern. I really enjoyed the built in water bottle holder which made it very easy to stay hydrated while out and about.

Many cool accessories with the option to purchase others.

The bike itself comes with various accessories like a kickstand, bell, fenders, alloy rack and carrier and my favourite one a bottle opener. This meant when I want to go on little picnics around town not only could I transport everything with ease I also could enjoy a beverage with our a picnic meal.

Utilitarian and efficient, masquerading as an easy riding city bike.  7 speed Shimano drivetrain makes shifting easy and maintenance easier. I loved being able to give a simple turn of the handle to adjust the speeds to whatever terrain I was on. Being able to adjust everything easily made for a very smooth ride which means I will do it more often.

Some further specs about the bike:

Frame Steel, Classic City Geometry
Fork Rigid, Tapered City Shape
Drivetrain 7 Speed Shimano detrailleur
Shifter Shimano Gripshift
Brakes Front and Rear Alloy Linear Pull
Crank 170mm, Steel
Rims 36H, Alloy Double Wall
Tires 700 x 38c, White Sideline
Grips Urban Everyday Comfort style
Saddle Urban Everyday Comfort style, with rivets

The Trinity Bike from Everyday Bicycles has made riding for me fun again. No longer will I sit back and watch my boys peddle around or have to stay home until hubby comes so I can grab things at the market. Having a bike that I can access whenever I want has given me a new sense of freedom just like when I was a kid. I decide where I need to go and when, which I just love!

My new bike allows me to ride with ease, without pain and in style. I no longer worry about my back or legs hurting because these bikes are designed with one thing in common and that is comfort! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website and see which bike best works for you! Not only can you get on the road faster but you can also pick out various fun accessories like helmets, trailers and even saddle bags that are super cute!

How often do you ride your bike?

  1. kathy downey

    July 15, 2017 at 8:29 am

    I can’t ride bike anymore because my balance (MS) but i sure enjoyed it when i could,me and my daughter loved going for early morning rides when she was young.

  2. kathy downey

    July 16, 2017 at 9:57 am

    Tha’s a very nice bike and i certainly like the features

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