YULU Games – Brining Fun and Suspense to Game Night

We play a lot of board games in our house. I am pretty proud of our game cupboard and when people come over they are often impressed. So when YULU contacted me about two new games I was pretty excited.

Established in 2015, YULU is a brand-driven international creator and manufacturer of toys and games that aim to promote an active lifestyle. The people at YULU, are completely committed and focussed on creating active play experiences with brands like Helix, Spy Code, Whacky Shots and many more to follow. YULU advocates the fundamental need for cognitive, physical, social and emotional development by creating indoor and outdoor toys and games. YULU believes that through active play, children nurture their creativity and develop problem-solving skills. They become inquisitive about their surroundings and more interactive with people around them.

Break Free – Pick the lock & escape!

Break Free is a table-top game full of urgency, suspense and tons of fun for one to four players and it includes four handcuffs with twelve unique mazes with three difficulty levels. There are three different coloured locks that get inserted into your cuff. Each colour represents a different difficulty level. Players handcuff themselves together and then insert the difficulty level into their handcuff. Then, using the lock pick, moving it up and down, twisting left and right you try to break free! The person who breaks free the fastest from their handcuff receives the token that corresponds with the maze colour. There are points on the back of each token, the player with the most points after playing all three rounds, wins the game.

We really enjoyed playing this game. I loved that my youngest could wear the cuffs and so could I. The game was rated for 6 and up. My youngest struggled with it and got very upset on the easiest level so he then joined my team. But my oldest who is a preteen whipped through all three levels with ease. I knew he would have no issue with this game as he loves strategy games.

It took me a little while of fiddling around to get my cuff unlocked, but that was the whole point of the game. I think the age level should be changed as it is pretty difficult. But as mentioned my oldest really enjoyed the game.

As mentioned it is pretty difficult and I don’t know if I would buy it for just anyone. I would need to be sure that whoever was getting it enjoyed strategic games.

Safe Breaker – Spy Scan Solve!

Safe Breaker is an electronic game that challenges spy skill, memory and luck in order to crack the code and collect golden coins. The game is not recommended for kids under three due to small pieces that are chocking hazards. It is inherently educational through use of deductive reasoning skills during play. The mathematical chances and luck elements allow for a new experience each time.

Each mission is started by picking a card, then you turn the safe combination to the number shown on the card. Then the player needs to use the fingerprint scanner to check the number. If you see a red light, connect the listening gear to the safe to hear a clue to produce the combination code. If the light is green, the safe will release coins.

This was a lot of fun. My oldest grew tired of the game as he did not find the secret clues given to be secret at all as anyone playing can hear them. When he plays he is a stickler to the rules and deemed this game unfair. My youngest on the other hand really enjoyed playing and felt like a little detective trying to figure out the clues to get his reward.

We did like this game but don’t know if we would buy it ourselves. It was fun but could use a few tweaks to make it a little better.


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  1. kathy downey

    July 13, 2017 at 8:47 am

    Thanks for the introduction,these look like fun games!


      July 13, 2017 at 9:29 am

      They were a lot of fun to play:)

  2. Laurie P

    July 27, 2017 at 10:13 am

    I love to get a hold of these games, definitely fun for the whole family!

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