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Travelling Maple Tuesday -
Welcome to Travelling Maple Tuesdays! Each Tuesday we invite you to post a picture on Instagram and include the hastag #TravellingMaple. Travelling Maple is a website meant to showcase Canadian travel content. Canadian writers are invited to submit their travel themed posts. It can be about worldwide travel, or travel that takes place here in Canada; around the world or down the block, we want to hear about it (Remember, what’s local for you can be a tourist destination for someone else). Any local festivals or sites that you want tourists to know about share with us! But don’t forget when travelling, insurance is a must. But where do you look? Advice for buying travel insurance is important and it’s always good to look around, ask questions and see what is offered.

Each Tuesday we want to take it to Instagram and share our Canadian perspective on travel with the world. We invite Canadian bloggers (or expats) to join in. Post any sort of travel photo, tell us where it’s from and be sure to tag it #TravellingMaple.If you decide to take part we ask that you share the love. For each picture you post please comment on or like at least two pictures with the #TravellingMaple hashtag And please be sure to follow your hosts: @mapleleafmommy @shairbearg We can’t wait to connect with you and see your awesome travel photos!

Do you enjoy travelling?


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    August 22, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    I love travelling just don’t do enough of it these days. Just got back from Yosemite where I attended my son’s wedding, a quick 4 day trip and from there I went camping with my daughter and her family. Hoping to pop over to Europe, England and Germany in the fall to see my new granddaughter – she’s 3 months old already!

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