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Disney’s NEW Beauty and the Beast on Blu-ray #GIVEAWAY

Remakes of movies can be a huge gamble. When I heard Disney wanted to turn Beauty and the Beast into an animated film I couldn’t help but think, WHY. I mean this is one of my favourite films of all times and I always said if it was not broke don’t fix it. If we are honest I even decided I wouldn’t view it in a theatre as I was worried it would be horrible. But after all my friends saw it I only heard amazing things and finally decided to go see it. The kicker? By the time  ...

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Whole30 Paleo Cabbage Rolls

Growing up one of the things I remember most is the yummy meal my mom made. There was something comforting about the delish meals she created. I loved sitting together as a family to eat and to this day I also make sure dinner is with my boys. I have been experimenting with grain-free dishes so  ...

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