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The Great Balancing Act – Tips to keep you happy and healthy ‘down there’ this summer #ChurchandDwight

Oh, summer, how I missed you. After a long winter, there’s nothing I’m craving more than the hot sun and patio weather. What I don’t miss are the pesky issues “down there” that also come with soaking up the sun. Yes, you read that right. For many women, the warmer temperature brings an increased risk of an “itch” that nobody likes to talk about – yeast infections. Surprisingly, yeast infections affect more women than you think! Approximately five per cent of women experience reoccurring  ...

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Breville 5-Quart Stand Mixer

I do not know how many years I have told hubby I wanted a Stand Mixer. I tried to convince him that it would make my life easier and also encourage me to make more things homemade. Let’s just say I was 32 and still did not have my mixer. I will be honest I only ever knew of KitchenAid  ...

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Kit Kat Basketball Cake

My biggie just celebrated a birthday! When he was smaller I had made all his cake but for some reason stopped. So this year I decided I would get busy and create him something special. He currently is into sports right now basketball being his fav. So I got on google and looked for some ideas.  ...

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