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Entertain, Inspire, Educate with Author Tina Powell

Reading is something we do often. I love losing myself in a book and allowing myself to be transported to far away places. With so many authors out there the possibilities are endless. Today I want to introduce you to Tina Powell. Tina Powell is an award winner communicator, a nationally published journalist, and a bestselling author. Her amazing storytelling skills have used by big brands such as, Mars, Pampers and Dempster’s Bread to just name a few. Her writing abilities not only  ...

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5 Tips to Help You Parent Like a Boss

Parenting is HARD! Come on, you know what I mean. Some days I look at my spawn children and think to myself what the hell did I do to deserve this sh$t. Hubby has found me on more than one occasion crying in the bathroom eating a snickers bar. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love them  ...

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Giveaway Linky

The Friday Frenzy Giveaway Linky

Shari, from The Knit Wit, and I have teamed up to make this giveaway linky even more amazingly awesome! Each Friday we will be posting this giveaway linky for you to either enter some awesome giveaways, or share your own! We would love if you shared this Friday Frenzy giveaway linky too as we  ...

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General Chit Chat

More Than Just A Picture

The other day we were blessed to be able to attend a Brampton Beast hockey game. The boys were super excited as it was playoff time, but when they realized it was front row the excitement radiated off of them. This is the closest the boys will get to an NHL game right now as the pricing is a  ...

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