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Let’s Get Organized – The Basics

Nothing feels more freeing then a clean, organized house. I am not talking about the type of clean where you can eat off the floor. I am talking about the clean where everything has a place. I feel fantastic when I go room-by-room around my house and get rid of all the old and useless “stuff”. No matter if you are working on counters full or stuff or bedrooms overflowing with junk you need to keep things under control and have a system. Have you heard of the Hot, warm and cold  ...

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DK, Reviews/Giveaways

Power Up 2017 with DK #GIVEAWAY

Everywhere I look I am seeing so many New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know about you but I am not want to really set a resolution but more so revaluate my goals in life. I am always on a mission to be more mindful, healthy and less stressed. I have been working on these for many years and truly feel that while yes I could set a goal of losing 50 pounds but then I would still need to maintain healthy eating. So to me I set the goal of healthy eating and everything else will fall  ...

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