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March Madness with Crayola

The weather is so unpredictable lately! I mean we were plus 15 at one point then -15 the next, it is crazy. But as long as there is no snow this mama likes to take the kids outside, especially when we are off for a week. But you all know what we often hear, there is nothing to do! I like to keep a magic box, I fill it with various things that not only entice outside play but also are super fun! Adding a little fun and colour has never been so easy thanks to Crayola and all their fabulous  ...

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Crayola – Adding Quality and Colour To Our Pencil Box

When I think supplies for school Crayola is a brand that comes to my mind. Did you know that they have been around for over 100 years? They have not missed a first day to school in my home and I don’t think they ever will. Walking down the aisles of the various stores there is always a selection of Crayola which I love as I know how fabulous their products are. Our pencil boxes are full of Crayola  markers, pencil crayons and crayons in various colours and styles. With so many  ...

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