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2017 Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts for Kids

Animation Made Easy With The Magic Scene Creator #NCGiftGuide #Giveaway

I am known for giving gifts that encourage creativity. I believe that if we give our kids the right tools, the possibilities are endless in what they can do. This holiday is no different. I was on the hunt for a super awesome gift and I have now found it with the Magic Scene Creator. Magic Scene Creator I am really excited to share with you this fun, new product from Crayola. Each and every year I think they out do themselves, and this year is no different. Let them experience a new kind of  ...

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Back 2 School with Crayola

Sigh, I am sitting here looking at the calendar and realizing Summer is coming to an end. Most parents get excited this time of year but for me it is bittersweet. Not only do my boys return to school but I also return to my classroom. That means I will also be getting back to school ready. Crayola has been a brand in my home since I could pick up a crayon and scribble. I have come to know that they offer me great quality at even better prices. So when we need to shop I know exactly the  ...

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March Madness, Reviews/Giveaways

March Madness with Crayola

The weather is so unpredictable lately! I mean we were plus 15 at one point then -15 the next, it is crazy. But as long as there is no snow this mama likes to take the kids outside, especially when we are off for a week. But you all know what we often hear, there is nothing to do! I like to keep a magic box, I fill it with various things that not only entice outside play but also are super fun! Adding a little fun and colour has never been so easy thanks to Crayola and all their fabulous  ...

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Reviews/Giveaways, Shariffy Back to School

Crayola – Adding Quality and Colour To Our Pencil Box

When I think supplies for school Crayola is a brand that comes to my mind. Did you know that they have been around for over 100 years? They have not missed a first day to school in my home and I don’t think they ever will. Walking down the aisles of the various stores there is always a selection of Crayola which I love as I know how fabulous their products are. Our pencil boxes are full of Crayola  markers, pencil crayons and crayons in various colours and styles. With so many  ...

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