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The Hypnotic Rocket – A little Sour, A Little Sweet #DRINK

I am always up for a tasty adult only beverage. You all know what I mean, not just juice but something a little stronger. Sarah and I are always experimenting with various mixes and alcohol to try to come up with something yummy! I still remember visiting my SIL a couple years ago and came up with The Hypnotic Rocket! Really it was an accident, I didn’t have the right mix so I grabbed lemonade, and well the rest is history. Want to learn how I make it? The Hypnotic Rocket Ingredients:  ...

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Newfie Slush #RECIPE

The holidays always involve some sort of entertaining in our family and I love having something refreshing for our guests to drink. With the in-laws visiting this Christmas the boys and I got to experience some of the treats they enjoy in Newfoundland this time of year. My favourite was what they call Newfie Slush! A frozen drink with a little extra something in it for the adults…you can thank me later! Cheers. Ingredients: 7.5 cups of water 1.5 cups of white sugar 1 can of Frozen  ...

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