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Crochet Valentine Hearts

When thinking of what to crochet for Valentine’s Day, I got a bit of inspiration from Repeat Crafter Me with her Puffy Heart pattern.  I worked from her pattern to create two quick and easy projects! Three Heart Mobile Using the Puffy Heart pattern, I made three puffy hearts.  I chose to make mine red, white and pink.  You could choose which ever colors are your favorite.  Then cut a 30 inch length of each color yarn, fold them in half together and loop tied them to a key chain ring.   ...

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Heat Up The Romance with Fondue #TRUDEAU #VALENTINESDAY

When I hear the word Valentine’s Day I think of a couple things: Chocolate, Wine and of course cheese. If there is a way to pair them all together some how then you can bet this mama is a happy women. I am tired of always paying a pretty penny to take hubby out.  I was stoked to learn that this Valentine’s Day after the kids go to bed hubby and I will be having a fondue party thanks to Trudeau. I had let Trudeau know that hubby and I were in need of a date night and I was sent  ...

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