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8 Simple Tips for Fishing with Kids

Fishing runs in our blood. From a very young age our Papa has always brought us out with him. I would love to say that I became a avid fisherwomen but truth be told I did not. I love going, but it is just not something I live for like my brother. Being blessed with a brother who is able to pass on all he has learned from our Papa to my boys is truly priceless. But if you have ever gone fishing with young kids it can be far from enjoyable. There is whining that there is no fish, there is  ...

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5 Tips to Be Your Child’s Best Advocate

It is funny, before I had kids and working in the education field I never understood parents. One minute they could be sweet as pie, the next the claws were out. I never understood it because I was doing EVERYTHING I could possibly do to support their child, but it seemed like it was never enough. Then I stepped into the parent role and it all made sense. These little beings depend on us right from the start. Our role is simple, support them as they grow into fine adults. But what happens  ...

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More Than Just A Picture

The other day we were blessed to be able to attend a Brampton Beast hockey game. The boys were super excited as it was playoff time, but when they realized it was front row the excitement radiated off of them. This is the closest the boys will get to an NHL game right now as the pricing is a little out of my budget. But they don’t mind, to them, these guys are just as famous and as good. My oldest spent the time between periods waiting to fist bump the players when they came off the  ...

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Spring fun with Peaceable Kingdom

Last December I was introduced to the brand Peaceable Kingdom. I was a little skeptic at first as their games were different. I mean there was no real “winner” or “loser” how could it be called a game. Little did I know that these games stood for so much more. Unlike traditional games, Peaceable Kingdom cooperative games organically create community among the players. Kids learn to work together as a team in respectful and compassionate ways. They learn to share,  ...

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Little Passports – Early Explorers Kit

My oldest has received some pretty cool subscription boxes. Anything that encourages some screen free time and gets their minds thinking is amazing if you ask me. This year for Christmas I wanted to give my youngest something special. I did my research and there were no special toys he asked, there was nothing much to be honest, so when I found Little Passports I knew I needed to learn more. Little Passports is a new adventure each month! Once you pick which plan you would like the fun is  ...

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Have a Boogie Free Holiday

The weather is changing but not in a good way that’s for sure. One day it is freezing, others it is mild. I don’t know about you but that means one thing in our family, SICKNESS! I try to explain no matter how warm it is, you still need a coat, heck I will settle for a vest….but what does mom know? The holidays are fast approaching and my poor guy is sick. I am not talking about the sniffles either, but instead the full out boogie infested sneezes. This means I wont be  ...

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To my Four year Old – Slow Down

To my Littlest boy, Last night when I was putting you to bed it was a blur. As always I was rushing to get everything down and get you to sleep. I am not sure why this has become such a rushed time but as I kissed you good night you looked up to me and said, “just one more minute”. My normal response would of been no, it is bedtime. But last night I looked over at you and I held my breath. I so needed that extra minute last night as your quickly growing and before I know it you  ...

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Get Styling this Holiday Season with Zutano

When the boys were younger I was lucky as I had a friend that had a little boy older then mine so I got all their hand me downs. Sadly after about a year my kids ended up being bigger and the hand me down train ended. I had to start buying my clothes *GASP* and it was a new experience for me. I figured cheaper was better and bought the three dollar shirts from local department stores. Sadly after a couple washes they would fall apart and I was buying yet another shirt. Hubby finally told me  ...

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How to Teach Kids Their Phone Number #Worksheet

My little guy started kindergarten and for 7 hours a day his learning is entrusted to other adults. But lets face it, it doesn’t all fall on teachers but also on the parents as well. We worked on various skills through the summer so he would be ready, but I totally forgot one, our phone number! Lets learn our phone number. Now a days you may think everyone has a cell phone so why do we need to memorize a phone number? I don’t know about you but my youngest dos not have a cell  ...

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