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October 20, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Naturally Cracked’s 2017 Holiday Gift guide #NCGiftGuide

We all know the holidays can be frustrating for some as you never know what to buy for your loved ones. Every year I sit down make a list of what I would like to get for people but it often changes as new items come out. I really want to offer something a little more around the holidays. I can not be out there personally helping you shop as much as I would love to,  but I can offer you a list of the newest and hottest items that are either a favourite or something new! The Categories are:  ...

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts for Kids, Stocking Stuffers

Awesome Little Green Men #NCGiftGuide #AD

Growing up I remember my brother having one of the best army men collection. He would spend hours setting up his men and having battles. It brought back so many memories when both my boys have carried on this tradition. Little Buddy and Big Buddy were recently introduced to a new toy, Awesome Little Green Men! Awesome Little Green Men These fun toys are an amazing upgrade from the little green plastic army men we know and love.  Awesome Little Green Men are army men and women! That’s  ...

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Halloween, Parenting

5 Rules to make Trick or Treating Safer, Easier and Fun for Everyone

Halloween is fast approaching and the excitement level from my boys is rising! It is funny to watch them as they get older and see how their expectations change. My youngest is happy to hang out with mommy and daddy but my oldest is getting to that stage where he wants to go out alone. I don’t think he is ready at this point, but we will start preparing him this year for next year. Some of the rules we will be practicing are below. I would love to hear how you prepare your kids for  ...

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