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November 14, 2017

General Chit Chat

Kind Things to do For others that cost nothing

Now a days it seems everyone is in such a rush. The other day when I was at the mall I noticed everyone was just walking, head down not even looking at each other. What happened to saying hello or offering a smile? There are so many kind things we could do that cost nothing, so why don’t we? Kind things to do For others that cost nothing Wave Hello. Offer a gentle smile. Hold the door open for them. Offer to carry their bags to their car for them. Shovel their driveway after a snow  ...

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Holiday Cash Giveaway ~ $450CDN #BlizzardBucks

There is something about this time of year that takes me right to my happy place. I love the lights, the decorations and watching my loved ones open their gifts I picked out. But if we are honest this┬átime of year the financial strain is often felt. The hustle and bustle always keeps me going until the bills come in after all the excitement. I know that no matter how much I budget there are always things that I forget. Wouldn’t some extra cash be perfect? Holiday Cash Giveaway I  ...

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Candy.Ca – Bringing The Sweets Right to my Door

Candy is my weakness. I mean I could eat it day and night even thought I would get a terrible tummy ache. There is just something about sweet treats that make me happy. I really should get it under control but until then I have Candy.Ca. Candy.Ca – Bringing The Sweets Right to my Door Candy.Ca is a candy store experience that is delivered right to you. Each month you’ll receive a curated selection of candy from Canada and beyond. Yup, you totally just read that right. You get a  ...

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