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5 Signs Someone is Toxic

It is hard to cut people out of your life. I mean I have people that I thought were the greatest friends but I learned the hard way that they sadly were toxic to my life. Cutting them out was tough, but was better for me in the long way. But have you ever thought what makes a person toxic? Sitting down with another friend the other day we made a list of what we thought made someone toxic.

5 Signs Someone is Toxic

Always talking bad about others

No matter the person they always have something bad to say about others. It is easily to be pulled into the conversation. Think about it, if they talk crap about all these other people to you, who do you think they are talking about when they are with them?

Make everything about them.

It does not matter what the conversation is about, they will always make it about themselves. I once had a “friend” that no matter what I was going through they would always need to one up me. For example, I have some abnormal cells removed, then they talked about actually having cancer themselves. Until that day I had heard nothing about it. Found out later it was a lie.

Talk More then they Listen

Sometimes you just need a listening ear. Sadly people who are toxic wont really care what you have to say. This also falls under the category of making everything about themselves.

They Never Have Time for You Unless it is on Their Terms

Nothing is worse then having to chase someone down to be a part of your life. It gets tiring and after a certain amount of time you just give up. Wanting someone to be part of your life is great, but when they do not give the same towards you it is time to move on.

They Do Not Make You Feel Good About Yourself

If you are constantly being picked apart by this person, being told you are not good enough and made to feel crappy about your mistakes they are not good for you. A friendship should build you up and make you feel like you matter. If the friendship does not do that for you then it is time to say good bye.

It sometimes takes a person a long time to realize that someone is just not good for you. As hard as it is letting them go can be really hard, but will be the best thing for you.

Did you ever have to cut someone out of your life?

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