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5 Things I Learned at the Gym

The gym did not always seem like an inviting place to be. Many times I would walk by it and even walk in only to walk right back out as I was intimidated. Finally I decided enough was enough, I went in, joined and worked out. Check out the 5 things I learned while there.

5 Things I learned at the Gym

It is not a scary place

I put off going for a while now as I found it to be a scary place. There were so many people there that were in “shape” and I was no where near them. Taking the first step and entering the doors was hard. But once there I realized it wasn’t so bad after all and it was far from scary.

Everyone started somewhere

My thought of everyone being “perfect” was far from true. While working out in the gym I realized everyone had different goals. I had no idea where they started, where they were on their goals or even what their goal was. The only goal I needed to focus on was my own.

No one was judging me

My biggest fear was people would be looking at me and judging me. Being over weight I often get this feeling when I walk into the room. When I was there walking on the treadmill and lifting weights not one person even batted an eye at me. I had many friendly smiles when someone walked by but they were encouraging and supportive ones. No one cared why I was there but instead I felt like they were happy I was there.

I felt amazing after

Walking in there between feeling nervous and just crumby I almost walked out. But the feeling I had while working out and even after was a high like no other. Not only did I feel like I could conquer the world but my body felt thankful. I can totally see how people get addicted to working out.

I can totally do this!

So many times I beat myself down and talk myself out of getting healthy. It will be hard, you wont make it, it is to much work! I have realized that all these things I tell myself are true. It will be hard, some days I wont make it to the end of my workout and it is a lot of work. But when I was lifting those weights I knew I was in control, I knew that every struggle is a challenge I need to face head on and I can do it.

This journey is hard I have been on it a couple times before. I like to think that it doesn’t make me a failure that those were all just speed bumps along the way. The important part is I am here and trying again. I deserve the best me, my kids deserve the best and my hubby deserve the best me. The best me is a healthy and strong me!

Do you work out at a gym or home?

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