6 Tips to Transform Your Home with Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are often purchased as extra lighting for a dimly lit room. However, it’s more than just a bulky lighting fixture, a floor lamp can also be a beautiful décor piece that transforms the overall look and feel of a room. Not sure how to make this happen? Here are six things to consider when deciding on a floor lamp.

6 Tips to Transform Your Home with Floor Lamps

1. Layering

Most people buy one tall lamp and place it in a corner of a room without giving it much thought. While this offers a practical solution, it doesn’t help create an atmosphere. Instead, try
layering. This techniques enables you to change the mood of your room by using various layers of lighting. Choose lamps that come in different heights. If your lamp is to go next to your sofa or armchair, the bottom of the shade should be at around eye level when seated. This means the top of the lamp should be approximately 60 inches tall when measured from the floor.

2. Adjustable

Adjustable lamps are versatile and flexible lighting fixtures. These lamps work well in a variety of spaces and can be adjusted to accommodate various living environments. For instance, they
can be placed in rooms other than your typical living room, such as an office or a den. Think about your daily routine and lifestyle, as this will help you determine whether an adjustable lamp is the right fit.

3. Lighting

A lamp and lampshade can only do so much for your room. The bulb is also an important feature that needs to be considered. It can be broken down into three categories: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting acts as the overall lighting of the room. It’s all-illuminating, and is considered the room’s “natural light.” Task lighting often used in work areas. This lighting is generally brighter and focuses on a specific area. Accent lighting highlights just a particular area in the room, like a bookcase or a work of art. It’s usually gives a more dramatic effect and creates shadows around an area or object. A semi-translucent lamp shade is best for soft, ambient lighting, while opaque shades work best for accent lighting.

4. Design

You don’t want to choose a shade that clashes with your room. Your floor lamp should integrate with the existing decor and design. Choose bases and lampshades that compliment your floor, wall, and furniture. Bases come in a variety of materials and colours, such as brass, wood, and marble. Lampshades come in even more variety, including different linen, colours, patterns and beading. Treat your floor lamp as a piece of furniture that’s not only practical, but also pretty to look at.

5. Style

Floor lamps come in a variety of styles that range from contemporary to traditional, to arc and torchiere, to classic and artistic, and more. The style of your room will influence the type of floor lamp you choose. So think about the overall look of your room, before purchasing a floor lamp.


6. Room

While floor lamps can work in any space, below are some rooms where they work best. Office: An adjustable floor lamp is ideal for offices. Placing it by your desk would provide ample lighting that can be adjusted throughout different times of day to help you work better.

Living room: Floor lamps can help tie a living room together. Look for lamps that direct the light upwards (these are also called torchiere style lights), as they will gently illuminate the surrounding area. These should be placed in low-traffic areas where unsightly cords can be tucked away to avoid trips and falls.

Apartment: Floor lamps are great options for apartments. As most apartments and condos don’t come with overhead lighting, floor lamps offer a simple lighting alternative. These don’t require any drilling and take up less space than table lamps.

Find your perfect floor lamp Online furniture stores carry a wide range of floor lamp options, including different styles and designs to fit your unique space. With the above ideas in mind, browse online to find the perfect floor lamp for your home.

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