Utter Nonsense: Family Edition

It is nothing new that our family LOVES to play games. With a collection of 65 plus games the fun never ends in our home. We have our all time favourites, but when new games get brought into the house there is always a little more giddiness and excitement. So we wanted to share some of that excitement and let a reviewer check out the game Utter Nonsense with her family over the holidays.

Utter Nonsense: Family Edition

“Utter Nonsense is a card game where players combine silly accents with even sillier phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous.”

Who needs a good laugh? Utter Nonsense will give you that and so much more.  I found this game really easy to play making it a great choice for family play. Each player is to pick up 7 saying cards and then a “judge” draws from the accent pile. Each player selects a card and then has to say it in the accented appointed. After everyone has gone, the judge picks who they think had the best accent. The person picks, wins the round and then becomes the judge!

Sounds simple right? Just imagine having to say something  like a Mime or as if your were pooping? Ya there was no shortage of laughter that’s for sure!

The Hilarious Accent Game

Utter Nonsense contains 50 Accent Cards and 450 Phrase Cards which players combine and act out. There is no need to be good at accents as that’s half the fun! Players are encouraged to improvise and make each silly phrase there own. I promise if you bring this out at your next family game night or party your guests will never want to leave and the laughter will NEVER end.

What is your favourite game to play with your family?

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  1. Lynda Cook

    January 29, 2018 at 12:08 am

    This game sounds like a lot of fun, was this game presented on the tv show The Toy Box? I think it was. I would love to play it with the family!

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