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4 Tips to Start Running and Feel Great

I have honestly never felt more in control or accomplished then when I run. It is hard to get started, but once I hit the pavement it is like my brain is clear and nothing else matters. But I have challenges and it does make it difficult for me and really intimidated me the first couple of times I went. So I took a couple steps to make it a little more comfortable, enjoyable and less scary. Check out below how I did that.

4 Tips to Start Running and Feel Great

Start of Slow

The first time you run is not going to be perfect. You may feel awkward, nervous and overwhelmed. I started with some “jalking” as I like to call it. This meant I did a pace that kind of resembled a walk and a jog all mixed together. Then when I could do that without being winded I used the Couch to 5K to train my body, brain and soul to run my first 5K.

A Good Playlist

When you hear your favourite song come on the radio what is your reaction? Me, I start singing, bopping around and just over all feel happy. So when I run I make sure I have all my favourites downloaded and ready to go. I like to time it so I have certain songs when I am warming up, running and then cooling down.

Get Gear You Love

This I found was SUPER important. My 20 dollar trainers SUCKED and everything hurt when I first ran. After talking with a cousin about the importance of proper, supportive footwear I did lots of research and found the shoe best suited for my body and goals. The pain just went away it was glorious.

I also found that the more comfortable I was, the easy running was. I bought clothes that felt amazing and were designed for an active lifestyle. My best item is a GOOD sports bra.

Listen To Your Body

If you have never ran before it is going to hurt when you start. I am not talking about horrible, I cant handle the pain hurt. But instead a more of a OMG my body has never done this before kind of hurt. The trick is don;t push yourself to hard. Listen to your body and rest when you need it. Taking a day or two off in between your running days is perfectly fine.

Being over weight running scared me. I was worried people would point and laugh as I slowly jogged by them. But once I finally got the courage to look up and actually glace at the people running by me I realized people did two things; they either did not notice me or the smiled and waved as we passed each other. Running gave me time to clear my head, get healthy and confidence I never knew I had. So what are you waiting for? Lace up and hit the pavement!

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